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Following a visit to The Fortress Academy Schools or our website, if you would like to enrol your child by simply using our online registration platform, please download the Registration Forms provided below, fill them as required and send to or post to The Fortress Academy, (include postal address here).

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Admission Policy

The School Year consists of three terms and Application Forms are purchased from the School Office. All forms must be completed and submitted with necessary information and documentation to facilitate admission. On receiving the filled-out form and supporting documents, parents will be given an assessment date for their children. When a place in the School is offered to the child, parents will be issued an invoice for fees which must be paid fully into the School’s account before students join the School.

Children are admitted into the School on a space available basis in accordance with the date of application and paid fees. As a new entrant, there is a non-refundable acceptance fee. All fees are expected to be paid in full before commencement of the term and resumption of class activities for the child. Parents are requested to contact the Head of School and pay the acceptance fee before going away on leave in order to reserve a place at School should a vacancy arise. A child must be at least six months old before they can be registered on the waiting list.

It is not possible for The Fortress Academy to meet the needs of all students, particularly those with special needs. We do however, provide Learning Support in the areas of English and Maths. Parents are advised to ensure that their children are interviewed, and receive an admission letter based on placement test results, before making fee payments.

Please note that:

  1. letters of admission are issued with a fee invoice;
  2. a new child entering school before half-term will pay the full term's fees on entrance;
  3. a new child entering school after half-term will pay half the term's fees on entrance;
  4. when a child does not attend school after payment of the fees, the fees paid in advance can be refunded under the following conditions:
  5. if, within the first week of term, The Fortress Academy is notified that the student will not be returning, the School fees are 100% refundable;
  6. if notification is given after the first week of term but before half term, a 50% refund of the school fees will be given;
  7. after half term, no refunds are given and the student's place in school will be surrendered to another child;
  8. the School reserves the right to review the fees periodically.

Please note that during the term, tours are not allowed while the school is in session however enquiries can be made between 8.30 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. During the holidays however, office hours are between 9.30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.