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Why Entrepreneuship?

The Fortress Academy has it as a core mandate to train and equip students with entrepreneurship skills necessary to become self reliant and confident business owners and managers in the future. With an increasing and shrinking secular job opportunities and a reducing public sector investment, it is estimated that public sector jobs will decline by 30-35% in the next two decades.

Our vision is to provide the basic and early skills required to become successful job creators, business managers going into the future.


Why Leadership?

We recognize that lack of effective leadership as Africa's fundamental problem; this is reflected in all spheres of our lives. As a school we seek to bridge the gap by developing the capacity and skills for leadership in our students. According to John C Maxwell everything rises or falls on leadership, The Fortress Academy believes personal leadership precedes organizational leadership. Hence; our students will be taught the principles of highly effective leaders from the early stage. This will birth in them self confidence, responsibility, positive influence, oratory skills and a compelling voice of leadership.

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