Tuition Fees


Fees are due and payable at the start of each term. For further details on current fees, and payment options, please download our fees guide.

Download Fees Guide


Payment Procedures

Fees to be paid will be communicated to the parents.

- The Fortress Academy maintains a no cash policy.

- We accept bank drafts and cheques.

- Fees are due not later than drop-off time the first day of school. Fees may also be paid in advance.

- Any child whose fees are not paid on time will not be allowed in the school after a certain grace period.

- A new child entering school before half term will pay the full terms fees on entrance.

- A new child entering school after half term will pay half term's fees on entrance.

- When a child does not attend school after payment of the fees, the fees paid in advance can be refunded under the following conditions:

  1. If within the first week of term, the fortress academy is notified that the student will not be returning, the school fees are 100% refundable;
  2. If notification is given after the first week of term but before half term, a 50% refund of the school fees will be given;
  3. After half term, no refunds are given and the students place in school will be surrendered to another child.