About Usempowered to Lead

The Fortress Academy, a purpose built citadel of learning that offers children from the ages of 3months to 11years exceptional and value based education. The school has four broad aims:

  1. To provide a well rounded education through stimulating academic curriculum with empirical dimension and extra - curricular activities that discovers and nurtures a child's special gifts and potentials.
  2. To imbibe in our students the principles of entrepreneurship necessary to become self reliant towards a long term prosperity.
  3. To raise leaders with impeccable character that will influence their environment, society positively with foundational qualities based on integrity, Trust and in effect stand out where ever they find themselves.
  4. To provide a relaxed and secure environment for its pupils, one in which pupils see school as home.

Attractive Enviroment

Curricular Decisions

Goals & Direction

Highly Motivated Staff

Our Promise

- We promise to honour your role as a parent and will partner with you in the care and development of your child.

- We promise you will feel completely confident and reassured when you leave your child with us.

- We promise you will know that we value your child as a unique individual to be nurtured, protected and respected at all times.

- We promise you will know that committed and dedicated educators are caring for your child.

- We promise you will see your child develop strong bonds with our teachers and other children.

- We promise you will share in the joy of your child’s experience in our School through regular communication.

- We promise you can expect us to listen carefully and respond quickly to any question or concerns.



We are a generation of big ideas

Rooted in knowledge,

Moulded on character

In our ecosystem,

Big ideas flow,

Knowledge grows, and

The impact glows,

Thrilled by the power of innovation,

Dedicated to birth change.

We debate.

We discover.

We create.

We think.

We transform.

We are empowered lead.

Meet Our StaffQualified and Well Trained

Comfort Gin


Rukaiya Usman

Class Executive

Vanessa Usaku

Class Executive

Aderonke Adeleke

Class Executive






Nike Onyemeanu

Class Executive

Remi Ajijola

Class Executive